EnergiaGuru® L

An effective solution for minimising electricity procurement costs for large and medium power consumption

The EnergiaGuru® L service is for companies with an annual electricity consumption of 5 GWh–1 TWh. Its purpose is to save you both time and money. We handle everything on your behalf, to ensure that your company gains a sensible, reasonably priced electricity contract. Our service includes:

  • Management and, if necessary, tendering of electricity contracts
  • Creation of tendering materials
  • Monitoring and implementation of electricity procurement strategy
  • Creation of an active electricity procurement strategy
    • Creation of a risk manual
    • Creation of procurement models with price limits

Various exchange products will be made available for you via an electricity procurement strategy. Our analytics feature continuously monitors the electricity market and selects the solutions that suit you in particular. Due to our services, your company can achieve an average saving of 20% on annual electricity costs!

EnergiaGuru® works on the basis of precise marketing data and a hybrid electricity procurement model which uses a wide range of electricity market alternatives. By signing up, you will outsource your electricity procurement to a professional, all you have to do is monitor the results. As an EnergiaGuru® user, you will gain a modern operating model and reasonably priced electricity – now and in the future.

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Electricity price until now (VAT 0%) 2016 2017 2018
Consumption (MWh/year)
Actual average price (€/MWh)
EnergiaGuru® price (€/MWh)*
Difference to EnergiaGuru® price %
Difference to EnergiaGuru® price, €/year
*price includes the Electricity Price Area Differential and system product, not the customer-based marginal consumption. These are prices achieved by EnergiaGuru® customers during the course of a year.

Potential saving:

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EnergiaGuru® L

Over 5 000 MWh
An effective solution for minimising electricity procurement costs for large (and medium-sized) power consumption



  • Use of the service begins with an audit, which includes an analysis of your current electricity procurement and potential savings, as well as development measures and an action plan.
  • The audit price is €5,000 – 10,000 (VAT 0%), depending on your electricity consumption
  • The auditing price is payable in full during the contract period.

Service costs during the contract period

  • You will only pay if your electricity procurements are streamlined due to our service.
  • We will invoice you for 40% of the savings created during the first three years, after which you will pay for 20% of the generated savings.

Contract period

  • The contract period is 3 years, after which the contract will continue until further notice.

Star ratings

Price categorisation of electricity procurements 2018
Energy prices between companies can vary by up to 50%, and companies are typically charged €20.00–60.00/MWh. What star rating did your company’s price receive for 2018?

Average price: 29,08 €/MWh

Average price: 35,52 €/MWh

Average price: 41,36 €/MWh

Average price: 47,21 €/MWh

Average price: 57,27 €/MWh

“Control costs with EnergiaGuru”

Electricity costs are decisive in terms of our company’s overall costs, and stable cost levels are crucial to our operations. They enable us to plan far ahead without worrying about major changes in costs. With regard to our operations, it is critically important that we have an easy and reliable view of when the time is right to make decisions. The EnergiaGuru® service has enabled us to keep costs reasonable despite the rise in market prices, achieving savings of thousands of euros per year in electricity procurements. We previously had just one opinion and recommendation, but we now receive impartial support for our decisions. For us, it is important to have access to opinions that are not restricted to the views of power companies.

Upon becoming an EnergiaGuru® customer, we noted that EnergiaGuru’s® ratings system gave us only three stars for the previous years. This means that over 40% of consumers were procuring electricity at lower prices than we were. That surprised us since, as a large purchaser, we were confident that our prices were competitive. With the help of EnergiaGuru®, we have become a five-star customer and achieved major cost savings in electricity procurements.

A Finnish gardening company

With EnergiaGuru®, companies and organisations save money on electricity procurement