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The customer is our king and always has the final word in decision-making. We aim to provide our customers with the lowest possible electricity prices to help them achieve savings on electricity procurement.


The easy-to-use software guarantees that the service involves no extra work. The procurement strategy is tailored in co-operation with the customer and electricity supplier to match the customer’s needs. In addition, the supply chain is reinforced by EnergiaGuru®’s support service.


The procurement strategy is ensured with price schemes that control the procurement. Price scheme alerts are sent by e-mail. The software is browser-based and does not require software installation.


The EnergiaGuru® software, developed by Suomen Energianeuvonta Oyj, helps companies and organisations easily manage their electricity procurement and use as part of a co-operative effort with their electricity company. The service is based on impartial and transparent benchmarking data of the electricity retail market.

By using the software, it is easy to monitor and manage electricity trade on the electricity exchange. The monitoring also covers the current and future electricity prices in the retail market more extensively across the entire market. More transparent trading and elimination of unnecessary intermediaries mean actual savings for the customer.

EnergiaGuru® introduces a more straightforward approach to electricity pricing. Real-time comparisons in the electricity retail market and smartly timed hedging ensure the best possible price for our customers. We also use the EnergiaGuru® service to scan the electricity transmission market. We provide a multitude of real-time facts on the state of the electricity market.

The price uncertainties of electricity exchange combined with the certainties provided by the EnergiaGuru® electricity retail market service system create new opportunities for public organisations and private enterprises alike.

EnergiaGuru® products

The EnergiaGuru® service system

The EnergiaGuru® service system is based on the final contract prices of customers in the electricity retail market and the purchase price limits set for electricity exchange trade in the electricity wholesale market. The impartial EnergiaGuru® service system generates considerable cost advantages in electricity procurement.

Controlled cost optimisation, strategy and price benchmarking data of the electricity retail market for years to come.
Mirrored reliability and credibility of your electricity seller in the electricity retail market.
New generation instruments to avoid price uncertainties on the electricity exchange.
Safe, proactive and easy electricity price management as well as reliable budgeting for the future.
As an additional benefit, the EnergiaGuru® service system also provides classification of electricity prices, transmission prices and load profiles.
The target is affordable electricity achieved through transparent, secured and controlled price levels, which results in improved cost-efficiency.
With the EnergiaGuru® service system, your electricity price can be reflected in the price level in the electricity retail market.

The basic idea is continuous improvement of the electricity price level and costs from the customer’s perspective, using the new transparent and reliable EnergiaGuru® service system.

EnergiaGuru® supplementary services

Management of in-house electricity generation

With the EnergiaGuru® service and software, you can optimise the benefits of in-house electricity generation (such as solar power): management of electricity procurement when the level of in-house generation is either high or low. Double advantage – economical in-house generation combined with affordable purchased electricity.

We supply solar power systems in co-operation with Green Energy Finland. Please ask for more information!

Green Energy Finland

Inspections of electrical equipment

Statutory and general inspections of electrical equipment are available via EnergiaGuru. The inspections are performed in co-operation with Sähkötarkastus Timo Tanhuala, authorised by the Finnish Safety and Chemical Agency (Tukes). We also perform voluntary inspections of electrical equipment, measure electricity quality, determine the correct size of the main fuse and check whether there is need for compensation (reactive power).

TImo Tanhuala


Would you like to know how your current electricity contract performs in comparisons in the electricity retail market?  With the EnergiaGuru® service, we also scan the electricity transmission market to determine the overall competitiveness of your electricity procurement costs. You will receive a multitude of real-time facts on the market conditions. We use EnergiaGuru® to rate your current contract on a scale from one to five stars. This makes it easy for you to start planning a more economical future.

With EnergiaGuru®, companies and organisations save money on electricity procurement