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Customers;Savers satisfied with EnergiaGuru®

The unique EnergiaGuru® system is already broadly and actively used by companies and organisations, and user experiences have been excellent – even exceeding expectations. EnergiaGuru® performs full scanning of the electricity market, which is why it has been received with enthusiasm by organisations of all sizes. Our customers are particularly happy with the transparency of prices and operations as well as the elimination of unnecessary overlaps and intermediaries from electricity procurement. With EnergiaGuru®, customers can see what electricity really costs and can safely hedge into the future.

Our customer base has grown rapidly.
The annual electricity consumption of our largest partners falls in the 1 TWh category.
We have several partners with an annual consumption of over 100 GWh, but the majority of them are in the 6–30 GWh category.
The highest annual savings are over EUR 500,000.
The average savings rate is 20 per cent.
We would like to thank our customers for their trust, and we welcome all new customers!

With EnergiaGuru®, companies and organisations save money on electricity procurement