Frequently asked questions

These are the most frequently asked questions by our customers.

What distinguishes EnergiaGuru® from conventional brokers? We have been a broker’s customer for years. What additional value can you give us?

A broker supplies customers with electricity that it buys on the electricity exchange. The customer’s EnergiaGuru® service software provides a ready-made framework for the broker’s trading methods and real-time updates on the electricity exchange. The additional value is based on a completely independent competitiveness classification of electricity price and actual savings.

Do you sell electricity?

We are not involved in the selling or brokerage of electricity. Therefore, we are not an electricity market participant. The EnergiaGuru® service is the customer’s own web-based software, which they log into using their credentials.

What is the operating model? How does it work? How can you choose the best operating model?

The operating model includes a number of electricity purchasing options for the customer. The EnergiaGuru® service applies the operating model to run a number of possible purchase options and courses of action for the customer. The EnergiaGuru® analysts check the results and propose the most competitive and cost-efficient electricity procurement option for the customer.

How does the operating model control brokers and electricity companies?

The customer takes into use the best alternative proposed by the operating model, and it is downloaded on the EnergiaGuru® system to ensure economical electricity procurement. Control is carried out automatically by the customer’s application software or semi-automatically in accordance with EnergiaGuru®’s alert information.

How much have your customers saved at best?

On average, our customers have saved 20 per cent.

Are there any other similar tools?

No other similar tools exist. The tool is based on an innovation, which is why the Foundation for Finnish Innovations decided to participate.

Is the software installed on the customer’s computer? In our company, it is not possible to install external software on computers.

The software is not installed on your computer. The software service is completely cloud-based, and you will be provided with login credentials to access the service.

Did i understand correctly? As a customer, i’ll be informed about the best rates in the electricity market and i can compare my own contracts with these rates?

Yes, and everything is done anonymously. We never disclose the identity of any customer.

What kind of customers do you have? What is their electricity consumption level?

Our customers include SMEs and large companies as well as public-sector operators and other organisations. Our smallest customers consume approximately 300 MWh and our largest consume approximately 1 TWh of electricity per year.

Are your services available all across Finland? You do not have representatives everywhere.

Yes, our services are available everywhere in Finland. At your request, our representative will visit your company to provide more information about EnergiaGuru®. In addition, our contact details can be found on the EnergiaGuru® website. If you are interested in savings, do not hesitate to contact us.

How do you contribute to the electricity exchange?

Trading on the electricity exchange involves large batches and high volumes. On the electricity exchange, it is not possible to see individual customers’ transactions that are solely related to the procurement/purchase of electricity. Electricity trading is often bilateral (customer-electricity company), so the transactions are not seen on the exchange.

What does ‘management of simultaneous operating models’ mean?

In the current electricity market conditions, you need a backup plan if the electricity market does not develop in the expected direction. A number of operating models suitable for different market conditions are run simultaneously and the one that is the most suitable for the current situation is taken into use. The management of simultaneous operating models helps to avoid negative price risks in your electricity price.

What is a price scheme?

Price schemes are applied in the electricity procurement operating models prepared for the customer. Risk management-based price schemes include upper and lower limits for electricity purchase to ensure economical electricity procurement for the customer.

Our company is considering starting using solar power. Can you help us with this? We are also interested in affordable purchased electricity.

We can help you. Please contact our sales team, and we will tell you more about the EnergiaGuru® Distributed Production Guru Package

What can you offer us to improve electricity contracts?

We use classification scanning, which is better than conventional methods in verifying electricity contracts. In addition, it helps us to improve electricity procurement activities so that they work during downward and upward economic trends alike.

How do you ensure impartiality?

Unlike a broker or electricity company operating on the electricity exchange, we are not a market player. We provide the software which the customer uses to control the market players. We apply a customer-driven approach through the customer’s own EnergiaGuru® software.

We would not like to change our electricity company. Is this ok with EnergiaGuru®?

Yes, it is okay. The use of the software does not require you to change your electricity company. EnergiaGuru® also helps find solutions in this situation.

We are just starting our business. We do not yet know our total electricity consumption, and we are not familiar with the electricity market. Can you help us?

We can help you. Our experts are happy to assist you. You can find our contact details here.

I really do not understand very much about the electricity market. What level of knowledge is necessary to be able to use your system?

You do not need to be familiar with the electricity industry or electricity market. We will help you and explain what is best to do in each situation and which solution is the most suitable for your company.