EnergiaGuru® provides impartial benchmarking facts

Impartial benchmarking facts

EnergiaGuru® is the first system in the market to provide its customers with overall competitiveness in electricity prices. Our customers receive from us impartial benchmarking facts on electrical energy prices and the factors influencing electricity transmission prices between different suppliers.

Usually, price comparisons only take into account the price of electrical energy, and operations on the electricity exchange are based on assumptions and uncertainties. In order to acquire a correct picture of the price, we need transparent, straightforward co-operation between the retail customer, the electricity supplier and the transmission company. EnergiaGuru® unites the different parties into an efficient and competitive unit. All the parties involved benefit from this co-operation in the form of improved competitiveness of electricity prices and overall competitiveness of electricity.

The EnergiaGuru® services provide direct facts created by the co-operation of the electricity company, the transmission company and the customer. EnergiaGuru® eliminates overlapping operating models. In addition to providing the actual electricity price, the EnergiaGuru® calculations include the transmission price and the factors contributing to it, such as the mirroring of the electricity consumption curves and checking of the correct electricity tax class. In this way, the correct price levels can be determined, and close monitoring helps to even out electricity consumption peaks.

The confidential and unique co-operation between electricity companies, grid companies and electricity retail customers is the basic requirement to achieve the best possible price and productivity. Electricity and grid companies that use the straightforward EnergiaGuru® operating model and advanced technology can be recognised by their certificate.

With EnergiaGuru®, companies and organisations save money on electricity procurement